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I'm doing my best!

I taught Buster how to bring things to me! As long as they have a strap or a hook or something, he can put it over his head and carry it. I have a lot of things I'm going to need to make handles for.

Also, it's been really fun learning alchemy with Al-kun! I'm just glad I'm able to help out.

...Aside from that...I'm really not having a good day...but it's okay. I think. I'll make it!

That was fun!

I had a really nice time on my date! And I got new books!

Lu-chan...would you like to go out again sometime?

Oh, and Loki! Thank you. <3

Help! [Filtered from Lucy]

Um. Um...w-what should someone, say, um, a seventeen-year-old girl, wear on a first date?

Um...and what about my hair...

I think I figured something out!

Did anyone else notice that love in the air lately? Lots of people seem to be falling for each other! Well, I think I know why: it's Spring! In three days, anyway.

I just thought I should point it out, because if anyone was thinking of confessing or asking their special someone out on a date, March 20th would be the perfect time to do it! Springtime is for romance, after all!

By the way, Buster is doing fine! We taught him how to lie down and roll over.


I have a new pet!

title or description

Isn't he cute? Lu-chan has a new pet too, but it's a little metal guy wearing a hardhat, not a bunny. They're both nice! They seem to be getting along pretty well so far.

I can't decide what to name him. I was thinking of calling him Kumagoro. Or maybe Buster.

This is going to be fun!

I can't decide what kind of costume I should wear for the party. Does anyone have an idea I could borrow?

Oh, and what's everyone else going to wear? Or maybe it should be a surprise...
Lu-chan and I are joining the Marines! We can fight for justice in the name of Fairy Tail! This is going to be great!

Also, I have some questions for everyone: Where do you come from? Is this place, this world or dimension or whatever it is, significantly different from where you come from? What's the most different thing about it? Do you know how you got here? How long have you been here? Are you interested in going back? Does your world have magic and practitioners of magic?

I'm going to write a thesis when I get home, so I need lots of information if anyone's willing to give it to me!

Finally getting off this island!

We have a ship now! Her name is Enduring Dawn, but we call her Dawn for short. She's very pretty, if a little bit worn out, but we're going to patch her up and paint her when we can. And put her name on her side!

Unfortunately, there's...um...a skeleton in the captain's chair. W-we should probably give it a proper burial like that lady I talked to said, but Lu-chan and I don't really want to touch it, so we're waiting for Natsu and Happy and Gray to get here.

Um, by the way, my name is Levi McGarden and it's very nice to meet you all!